Quid Novi Foundation is an institute for Economic Policy Analysis, based in The Hague (The Netherlands). Quid Novi researchers perform economic and quantitative analyses and translate their results into policy advice to contribute to the public debate in a sound and meaningful way. Quid Novi brings new facts and figures that may act as a catalyst to economic reform in The Netherlands and across the European Union.


Latest publications

2014 Financing the Health Care System, a Universal Challenge
2014 Quid Novi Vlaktaks
2014 EU shale and the Netherlands


The Bear and the Dragon
This month saw Russia and China reach an important natural gas export agreement, the second of its kind in 2014. The deals mean Russia will export some 68 billion cubic meters of Russian natural gas to China every year. It has ominous consequences for Europe’s natural gas future, as Russia will grow increasingly less dependent on exports of the resource to Europe. More...
Leveling the Playing Field
The Junker Commission began a five-year term this week with a commitment to placing transparency at the top of its agenda. At a time when 15,000 lobbyists have unregulated access to legislators in Brussels and 70% of EU citizens believe corruption is present in EU institutions, improvements in transparency seem long overdue. But will anything change? More...
The Global Test
The oil price plunge of the past weeks is strongly affecting producers and governments alike. Its current flirtation with prices just above $80 a barrel is serving as a global test of both shale and non-shale oil producers, as well as a challenge for oil revenue dependent governments. The geopolitical and economic implications are significant. More...

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