Quid Novi Foundation is an institute for Economic Policy Analysis, based in The Hague (The Netherlands). Our mission is to deliver high standard research, translated into policy language to contribute to the policy debate in a sound and meaningful way. Quid Novi brings new facts and figures that may act as a catalyst to economic reform in The Netherlands and across the European Union. Indeed. "there's no good idea that can't be improved on" (Michael Eisner - former CEO of Disney). Therefore, we strive to produce original and new research papers that add valuable new arguments to existing debates, both in academia and in the policy world. As it is this kind of "Translational Science" that will bring brilliance and common sense together.
Quid Novi works on a project basis. For more information about our institute, our people and our projects, please refer to the "Contact" page.

Quid Novi is partner of New Direction, the Foundation for European Reform.
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The Benefits of Research and Innovation


This study examines the broad economic and social benefits of research and innovation by looking at two medical case studies. These examples show how the advantages to society of innovation can greatly outweigh any costs. This suggests that society must retain structures such as intellectual property rights that encourage innovation.

Time to Revitalise NATO



The roadmap for the Carpathian macro-regional strategy



Europe's Slow Motion Crisis




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European policymakers should pay close attention to the developments in the natural gas sector of the Middle Kingdom. They offer a combination of both challenges and exciting possibilities for the European gas sector and global climate goals. Read more >

In an effort to reduce their dependence on Russian gas imports, several Eastern European countries have asked the US to allow increased exports of US liquefied natural gas to Europe. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to prove a panacea for Europe's gas problems. Read more >

The EU has become increasingly reliant on Russian gas imports, and Russia is unafraid to use gas as a political tool to achieve her ends. The Russian takeover of Crimea should force Europe’s policy makers to embrace solutions to reduce this increasingly dangerous dependence, and safeguard the stability of the European gas market.  Read more >

Event date: Thursday 27 June 2013, 12:00 - 13:30 (including lunch)
Speakers: Derk Jan Eppink (Vice-President New Direction Foundation and Member of the European parliament) and Eline van den Broek (Director of Quid Novi Foundation) Read more >